Vegas Airport to the Strip Transportation Options

You’re on the way to Las Vegas, specifically the Strip, for an epic vacation. You’ve just reached the Las Vegas Airport (aka Las Vegas McCarran Airport), now what?

How do you get from the Vegas Airport to the Strip so you can start enjoying Vegas?

While there are a few different options for traveling from the McCarran International Airport (LAS), it’s challenging to know which provides the lowest wait times, best price, and where to catch your ride.

Below you’ll find details on the top transportation options so that you can choose the transportation that works best for you.

Vegas airport to strip transportation

Las Vegas Transportation Options From The Airport to The Strip

You can choose between four Vegas transportation options, including taxis, rideshare options like Lyft and Uber, the Las Vegas airport shuttle service, or a limo ride.

Each transportation option brings with it positives and negatives.

As a note, the airport is only about 10-15 minutes away from The Vegas Strip; each transport option is pretty affordable.

Let’s dive into each option more in-depth.

Vegas Taxi to strip

Taxis from Vegas Airport to Strip

You may be inclined to opt for a Las Vegas Airport taxi. While Las Vegas taxis may have gotten a bad rap in the past for overcharging customers, they are making amends by offering flat rates and a new set of rules.

Taxis are one of the quickest options for pick-up at the airport, though they have additional fees beyond the transportation costs like a credit card fee and a $2 airport pick-up fee.

Las Vegas Taxi to Strip Cost

Depending on where you are heading in the Strip, fares range from $20-$30. This pricing is not inclusive of additional fees or a tip.

Taxi Wait Time

Even if you schedule a taxi ahead of time, you can expect a 30 minute to one-hour wait time once you offboard your plane and collect your bags.

Drive Time

Taking a taxi from McCarran to the Strip is quick – it will only take about 10 minutes once you get picked up.

Where Do I Catch Taxis?

There are multiple locations where you can catch a cab at the airport. Head to the baggage claim at Terminal 1 and walk outside exit 1 or 4 to grab a ride. You’ll also find taxis waiting for passengers at Terminal 3 Zero Level.


  • Short drive time
  • 16 cab companies available
  • Flat rate transport charge


  • Additional fees (credit card charge, airport pick-up fee of $2)
  • Not all cabs accept credit cards
  • Cost is 2x of Uber/Lyft costs

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rideshare from the airport to the vegas strip

Rideshare (Uber + Lyft) From Airport to Vegas Strip

Uber and Lyft have been excellent options in previous years as they offer fair prices and easy access. Recently, fewer Uber drivers and Lyft drivers have been available, making wait times longer than usual.

You will need to book your transportation ahead of time via the app, which will show you current pricing. Pricing will vary depending on driver availability and demand.


When there is no surge pricing, Uber costs about $10-$13, and Lyft is about $15-$18 from the airport to the Strip.

Wait Time

Current wait times for rideshare options start at about 20 minutes. This will vary on demand and how many drivers are working when you arrive.

Drive Time

Expect about the same drive time as taxis – about 10 minutes. If there is traffic, it may take closer to 15-20 minutes (this is also true for taxis).

Where Do I Catch Uber/Lyft Rides?

Before requesting an Uber or Lyft, it’s essential to know that only specific locations in the airport allow pick-ups from these companies. You will need to head to Level 2 in Terminal 1 or the valet level in Terminal 3 for a ride. Check how close drivers are before scheduling your car, as they cannot wait for you outside.


  • Rideshare transport is cheaper than taxis
  • Shorter wait times than taxis
  • Rides can be scheduled up to 30 days in advance


  • Drivers may not be available for pick up
  • Long wait times

Shuttle from Airport to Strip

Another excellent option is using a group shuttle bus to take you to your Las Vegas hotel (downtown Las Vegas) from the airport. There are multiple companies available that offer rides to and from the airport, each with varying rates.

This option does take longer as most shuttles travel to various hotels to drop off passengers. The wait time can also be longer if you’re in the waiting area between scheduled bus departures.


The cost varies for the private shuttles, depending on which company you choose. Expect to pay $15-$18 each way.

Check if your hotel offers a shuttle service; some Vegas hotels will include a shared shuttle to and from the airport free of charge for guests.

Wait Time

The wait time varies with group shuttles and can be a few minutes to about 20 minutes. Make sure to be in the correct waiting area as shuttles will not hold up the schedule for passengers. If you miss the shuttle, you will need to wait for the next one.

Drive Time

While this option is budget-friendly, it does have a longer drive time. Expect a 30 minute to one-hour drive before arriving on the Strip.

Where Do I Catch Shuttles?

Both limos and shuttles will pick up passengers in the same location – outside Terminal 1’s baggage claim near the door exits 7 through 13. You can also find shuttles at Terminal 3, in the zero level.


  • Easy to access
  • No need to plan ahead of time
  • Budget-friendly


  • Decent wait times
  • Longer drive times
  • Shared ride with other passengers
Las Vegas limo options from airport to the strip

Limo from Airport to Strip

Limousines are excellent for larger groups, elevated privacy, and a more luxurious feel. This will be your priciest option of the four available.

You do have flexibility concerning booking ahead of time. The LAS airport has a walk-up limo service onsite, you can schedule limo service ahead of time, or your intended hotel can book a limo for you. 


Depending on which limousine company you go with, expect a round trip rate starting at $130. This will bring you to your hotel when you arrive and drop you back at the airport days later.

Wait Time

If you choose the walk-up limo option, it should only take a few minutes to pay and head to your destination. Otherwise, you can expect about a 5-15 minute wait for the limo arrival.

Drive Time

Drive time is the same as Uber or a Taxi – expect it to take about 10 minutes unless there is congestion.

Where Do I Catch Limos?

Pick-up for limos occurs at Terminal 1 outside of exit 7-13 near the baggage claim (west) or Terminal 3 Level 0.


  • Great for group travel of up to 6 people
  • Private and luxe experience
  • Option to call ahead or book at the airport


  • Most expensive option

Which Option Should You Choose to Get to The Las Vegas Strip?

If budget is your only concern, opt for Uber/Lyft or the airport shuttle. Taxis are second best if there are no drivers available for the rideshare options and you want a more private experience.

Of course, limos are the best for privacy and the entire Las Vegas experience. Opt for the walk-up limo service as the quickest option for those in a hurry with no budget.

Each transportation option from the Vegas Airport to the Strip has pros and cons. You might consider taking one of the free trams or monorails when on the strip.

Evaluate your budget for transportation and how much time you’re willing to wait to get to your hotel. This will aid you in choosing the best travel method.