How Much to Tip in Vegas: A Las Vegas Tipping Guide

Tipping is always a highly debated topic, especially when visiting Las Vegas, where many restaurants, hotels, and entertainers can be found. Some people tip based on poor service or outstanding service, some always leave 20%, and some don’t tip at all.

So, which is the correct option for Vegas tipping, and which services should you tip?

An excellent general rule is to tip based on service, to an extent keeping in mind 15% of the bill total works for okay service, 20% for good service, and anything over 20% for excellent service.

This tip amount will depend on the industry in which you are tipping. However, it is a great starting point. Those who don’t know how much to tip and international travelers due to different tipping customs should bear this in mind.

Below you’ll find a guide on how much to tip in Vegas for all service providers. Use the below guide to avoid any tipping faux pas.

Tipping in Las Vegas - How much to tip

How Much to Tip in Vegas?

So, how much should you tip while visiting the Las Vegas Strip (and off-Strip)? Below you’ll find a few of the common places you should be leaving gratuity and a suggested amount or percentage for the tip.

For Drinks

You should always tip for drinks, though the amount varies on which drink you order. If you only order beers throughout the night, a good tip is anywhere from $1-$3 per beer, depending on the brand. For mixed or more expensive drinks, opt for 20% of the total or more if the service was excellent.

Restaurants (Waiter/Waitress)

While it is recommended to offer 20% of the bill total, 15%-20% or more is acceptable. If you have many requests for your meal, including substitutions, consider adding a few extra dollars when paying your bill.

Nightclubs (VIP Host)

Many people don’t realize you should also tip at nightclubs and day clubs. Of course, each cocktail waitress and bartender should receive a tip (see above drinks section for recommendations). However, you should also be tipping your VIP host.

Expect to hand them anywhere from $75-$500+, depending on how much they assist with planning your evening. If your host helped with a reservation, it’s customary to tip them when you’ve been sat at your table.

For Bottle service and VIP tables, the bill automatically includes the 20% gratity, which is separate any other optional tips to the host, bus services, or security.

Uber Driver/Lyft Driver

A good rule of thumb for Uber and Lyft drivers is to tip them 20% once you have arrived at your destination.

Tour Guide

You’ll likely take a tour while visiting Vegas; if this is the case, bring cash (10%-20% is acceptable) for a tip.

You can hand your tour guide gratuity at the end. Some even have Venmo accounts or other ways to leave a tip, though it’s best to bring cash on the off chance that they don’t.


If your trip is more on the relaxing side and you visit a masseuse, a skincare specialist (facials), a hairdresser, a makeup artist, or anyone in this realm of services, 20% is a standard tip. Y

ou can hand them their gratuity at the end of the service. Generally, cash tips are appreciated as some locations do not accept tips on a credit card.

Casino Hosts/Casino Dealers

When you head to a casino, plan on tipping both your casino host and casino dealers. You should add a 15%-20% gratuity for casino hosts based on your buy-in amount.

Expect to tip dealers about $5 per hour while sitting at their table.

Other Activity Service Providers

If you’re choosing multiple activities, such as skydiving, where you have a one-on-one guide or small group activity, you’ll also want to offer a tip. In general, 20% is a good guideline to go by when in doubt.

Below you’ll find a list of FAQs for additional service providers you should tip and how much to tip each.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much to Tip Valet in Vegas?

You’re likely to encounter valet parking at hotels, upscale restaurants, and even some events. There is generally no charge for this parking service in Vegas, though you should still tip your valet. $5 is an excellent tip, though if you also tip $10-$20 to the initial valet who collects your car, you’re more likely to get your vehicle back faster at the end of the night.

How Much to Tip Limo Driver?

There are two options for tipping limo drivers, and it depends on if you’ve received a courtesy ride or scheduled a paid ride.

For free rides, expect to tip your driver $20. Otherwise, a 20% tip for a paid trip is the suggested amount.

How Much to Tip Bellhop?

The general rule for tipping bellhops is $1-$5 per piece of luggage they bring to and from your room. If any extra services are provided, or your bags are hefty, consider an additional tip for your bellhop.

How Much to Tip Casino Waitress for Free Drinks?

Sometimes casinos will offer free drinks to encourage those playing games to stay longer. If you’ve received a free drink or two from your casino waitress, hand her $1-$5 per drink.

Tip: If you want faster service, try to tip at least $5-$10 on your first drink!

How Much to Tip For Taxi?

Tipping taxi drivers is similar to tipping when using Uber or Lyft – 20% is the recommended tip amount. You’ll want to provide your taxi driver with this tip after paying and before exiting the car.

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How Much to Tip At a Buffet?

Since buffets are, for the most part, self-serve, you can forgo the regular 20% restaurant tip.

However, you should still tip 10% when you receive the bill as servers will still bring you drinks and special food items during your meal.

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How Much to Tip Housekeeping/Maid Service?

Tipping Las Vegas maids or the housekeeping service at your hotel is also expected – this may be a daily or weekly occurrence depending on how often your room is cleaned and how messy you are leaving your room.

If your room is cleaned every day and only minimal cleaning is needed (making the bed, leaving fresh towels), $1-$5 is recommended per day.

If you leave large messes such as food on the ground, are staying with kids, or have spent the evening celebrating in your room. In this case, you may want to consider $5-$10 or more if you leave a huge mess.

Tipping in Vegas – Final Thoughts

After reading the above tipping guide, you can head to Vegas in peace, knowing who to tip and how much. When in doubt, opt for 20% of the bill total. Otherwise, keep the above tipping recommendations in mind when you head out. No more worrying about Vegas tipping; you’ve got this!