Caesars Palace Bacchanal Buffet Guide

Where other Vegas buffets opt for a more classic appearance and standard brunch buffet or dinner buffet food, the Caesars Palace Bacchanal Buffet has chosen a more modern approach in its food and decor.

Featuring a sleek design inspired by nature, the newly renovated Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace creates an elegant atmosphere for diners to enjoy. Views of the pool complex help create the feeling that you’re enjoying a luxe meal by the water.

Some buffet areas are influenced by ice caves featuring neutral colors, while other areas are reminiscent of mountains.

Step into the most extensive buffet in Vegas with 500 offerings in a beautiful, inviting environment.

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Bacchanal Buffet General Info

Each buffet has a time limit in Vegas, as they’re pretty popular spots to enjoy a meal. The Caesars Palace Buffet has a 90-minute time limit, though it’s sufficient for most people.

You can stop by nine different kitchens at the buffet to select items during your meal. These kitchens allow you to see your food being prepared fresh, almost like “show kitchens.”

Bacchanal Buffet menu items

Expect smaller servings for a more elegant food serving experience. For example, you won’t receive a giant plate of pancakes at this buffet. Instead, you’ll receive a plate with two delicious pancakes.

There are many different cuisines available at the Bacchanal Buffet, ranging from American to Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and Japanese. Pizza, seafood, and deli options are also available, making it easy for everyone to find a few dishes to enjoy.

bacchanal buffet dinner food and menu offerings

The dinner menu (Bacchanal buffet) features delicious options like prime rib, sweet corn chowder, and fried quail egg. There’s also a seafood buffet which has items like cold crab legs and lobster claws.

The dessert station offerings are stocked with options like tiramisu, cupcakes, shaved ice, and more. It’s worth saving room to try a few desserts.

The Bacchanal Buffet is often regarded as the top buffet in Vegas, along with options like The Wynn Buffet and The Bellagio Buffet.

What is the cost of the Bacchanal Buffet?

This buffet has a varying price per person depending on which meal you’re eating. There is also a lower price for children between 4 and 10.

Bacchanal Buffet Prices*:

Brunch Adults$64.99
Dinner Adults$79.99
Brunch Kids (4-10)$32.50
Dinner Kids (4-10)$39.99

There is also an option for all-you-can-drink at this buffet, which costs $19.99 per person.

As a note, pricing can vary on holidays and holiday weekends. If you’re planning on visiting during one of these times, call ahead for pricing updates.

*Prices may change, please verify with Caesars Palace current prices.

Bacchanal Buffet Hours
Inside Caesars Palace

What are the Bacchanal Buffet Hours?

The Bacchanal Buffet is open daily, though it only offers breakfast and lunch on the weekends. During the week, the buffet features dinner hours that extend late into the evening. Below is a full breakdown of the buffet’s hours.

Monday – Thursday

  • 4 pm – 10 pm

Friday – Sunday

  • Brunch: 9 am –  3 pm
  • Dinner: 3 pm – 10 pm
Caesars palace bacchanal buffet location

Where is the Bacchanal Buffet Location?

This buffet is one of the eleven eateries available in Caesar’s Palace Hotel. It’s found by the Court of Fountains near Julius Tower and Roo’s. Caesar’s Palace is found on South Las Vegas Boulevard on The Strip.

The Caesar’s Palace Buffet is one of the best buffets in Las Vegas. With its wide assortment of freshly prepared foods for you, it’s a must when spending time in Vegas. Remember that you’ll only have 90 minutes to enjoy a meal, and your meal at Bacchanal Buffet will go off without a hitch.