Experience the Best Ziplines in Vegas

Adventure lovers and daredevils of the world will love Las Vegas. Not only is there a giant Ferris wheel available for rides, but there are also hot air balloon rides, offroading experiences, and the famed The Strat ride on top of the giant Stratosphere building. So, where do you start?

The ziplines in Vegas are an excellent way to get your thrills in. Plus, there are plenty of options for locations that you can head to for this type of activity. Below you’ll find information on the best ziplines Las Vegas has to offer.

Best Ziplines in Las Vegas

best ziplines in las vegas - top zip lines

Fly LINQ Zipline

The LINQ Zipline is a newer attraction offered in Las Vegas. Built in 2018, this features a 1,121-foot ride and 10 different ziplines. It’s encouraged to bring your friends so you can race them to the end of the ride.

Check out the information and tips below.

Information and tips

Prepare to hit speeds of up to 35 MPH while on this zipline experience. While it may seem like a far distance, you’re only zipping through the air for about 30 seconds. It is, in fact, the newest zip line ride out of three available in Vegas and is considered the only zipline on The Strip.

The ride starts at the top of a 12-story tower on Las Vegas Boulevard and follows the LINQ Promenade. It ends at the High Roller. You can opt for different seating choices, including seated, superman, reverse seated, and reverse superman.

It’s a ride that works for people of all ages. You can head here with your friends and children without issue. There is a minimum height of 3’4″, so double-check that your kids meet this requirement before heading here. Children 12 and under will need a chaperone with a ticket. Chaperones need to be at least 13 years old.

Tip: Make sure to sign the waiver for your children ahead of time. It is required to ride this zipline for anyone under the age of 18.

Tip: There is a maximum height of 6’8″ and a maximum weight of 300 lbs. Double check that your party members all fit within this criteria before purchasing tickets.


You can find The LINQ Zipline located at The Link Hotel and Experience. It’s located right on the Las Vegas Strip near the famed Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel and The Link Promenade.

Address: 3535 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

Prices and Tickets

Each ticket has a cost of $30 and can be purchased directly through Ticket Master. Tickets can also be purchased in person at the gate.


The zipline is open for rides Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 4 pm.

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rio zipline in las vegas

Rio Zipline Las Vegas

You’ll be strapped to a two-person seat as you fly through the air on the Rio Zipline (also known as the VooDoo Zipline).

Check out additional information below if this sounds like it’s up to your alley.

Information and tips

This zipline provides a much higher starting point than the LINQ Zipline. You start the ride at 51 stories and stay around 500 feet above the ground. You’ll be traveling at 33 MPH on this one.

The starting location is the VooDoo Lounge at the Rio Masquerade Tower. From there, you’ll travel to Ipanema Tower. While the initial ride moves with your viewpoint forward, the return ride has you with your back faced toward the VooDoo Lounge.

Many consider this one of the best las vegas ziplines because of this.

You can still catch views of The Strip and the Las Vegas skyline from this ride, even though it’s located off the strip. This is a longer ride – you’ll be on the zipline for about five minutes total.

There is a 48” minimum height and 450 maximum combined rider weight to ride this zipline safely. It’s not a great ride for younger kids, though there is not a minimum age requirement.

Tip: If you’re traveling with kids, make sure to book your Rio Zipline tickets before 7 pm. After that time, only those 21+ can go on the ride.

Tip: This is the tallest zipline in Vegas. If you’re afraid of heights, you may want to rethink your ride.


This ride can be found at the Rio Hotel and Casino.

Address: 3700 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89103

Prices and Tickets

Tickets start at $30 per person. They can be purchased online at Rio Zipline’s website. You can also buy them in person. Cash or credit is accepted for in-person purchases.

You’ll receive a phone alert once it’s your turn to ride on the zipline.


The VooDoo Zipline is open every day. Monday through Thursday, the hours are 11 am to 11 pm. Friday through Saturday, the hours are extended to midnight.

SlotsZilla Downtown Zipline

SlotZilla, Downtown Las Vegas

SlotZilla is a unique ride, not only due to its appearance. It’s a zipline that looks exactly like a slot machine. Take a peek below for additional information.

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Information and tips

This is truly a unique ride in Vegas. The SlotZilla offers riders two different experiences. You can ride from a lower section of the ride (Zip-Zilla) or the upper (Zoomline). Each option provides a different experience and a different price.

The Zip-Zilla starts at 77 feet in the air and takes you to a section between Four Queens and the Fremont Casino. You’ll be riding in a standard seated zipline position.

As for Zoomline, you’ll start at 114 feet and ride for 1,700 feet. The landing spot is at the Golden Gate. At this height, you will be riding in a “superman” position for the entire ride.

There is no age minimum for this ride. However, riders under 16 need a parent to accompany them. There is a minimum weight of 50 pounds for Zip-Zilla and 80 pounds for Zoomline. There is not a minimum height requirement, but there is a maximum height of 6’8”.

Tip: If you’re planning to travel with a large group, you can get discounted tickets. This is for groups of over 20 people.

Tip: If you can’t make your timeslot, you can change the reserved ticket time with a $10 fee and advance notice.


You’ll find this zipline in the middle of the street at the Fremont Street Experience. The tall slot machine will be easy to find based on its appearance.

Address: 425 E Fremont St #160, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Prices and Tickets

Prices vary based on which option is chosen. Zip-Zilla tickets are $39 per person, and Zoomline tickets are $59 per person.

Both can be purchased online at Vegas Experience. Tickets can be purchased in person, but they tend to sell out fast. They also can only be bought for open times so that you may have a bit of a wait.


Zip-Zilla is only open on Sundays from 4 pm – 2 am.

Zoomline is open Monday through Wednesday, 4 pm – 1 am. Thursday through Sunday hours are 12 pm – 2 am.

Zipline Comparison:

Check the notes for the differences between each zipline ride.

LINQ Zipline

  • Great for groups or solo riders
  • Flies right over The Strip
  • The fastest zipline out of the three

Rio Zipline

  • Ideal for couples or single riders
  • Highest zipline in Vegas
  • Longest zipline ride

SlotZilla Zipline

  • Great for families, groups of any size, solo riders
  • Two height options
  • No age minimum
  • Reduced hours for Zip-Zilla

Regardless of which zipline you decide to visit and ride on, you’ll have a fantastic experience with your whole family. This is an excellent way to spend some time in Las Vegas. Riding the ziplines in Vegas will be a memory for years to come.